Ruby Heroes

The 2015 Ruby Heroes have been named.

The Ruby Hero Award gives recognition to influential devs in the Ruby/Rails community and announces the winners at RailsConf.

We believe great work deserves recognition. The Ruby/Rails dev community is full of amazing contributors and unsung heroes who are busy producing educational content, developing plugins and gems, contributing to open-source projects, or putting on events to help developers learn and grow. Wherever they are, their work is too great to go unnoticed and we need your help to find them.

Submit your vote for the Ruby Hero Award above. Six will be chosen and pulled out from behind their code to receive an award at RailsConf.

  1. Nominate a worthy candidate
  2. Share link to get others voting
  3. Nominees get tallied
  4. Previous Ruby Heroes choose finalists
  5. Winners announced at RailsConf